Corepla is the main Italian Company in charge of recovering household plastic packaging waste from separate collection.

Please download the pdf booklet for an overview about our products.

Corepla sorts plastic packaging waste by polymer (PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP) following one of the strictest standard in Europe.  It sells baled products to recyclers based in Europe having all the licences and able to process EWC 150102 and 191204 into end of waste.

The Consortium is focused on quality and customer satisfaction

*      Certificate n. 504 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

*      Certificate n. 126 UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

*      Registration EMAS IT - 001020

*      Certificate n. 18 BS OHSAS 18001:2007

*      Certificate n. 925 ISO/IEC 27001:2013

How can I purchase COREPLA products?

COREPLA sells its products mainly by telematics auctions, regulated by the general conditions of sales and by the auctions regulation. To take part in these auctions you need to be confirmed as a Customer.

Which products are sold at auctions?

COREPLA auctions homogeneous lots of plastic packaging waste from the urban separated collection of rubbish after they have been selected by polymer/colour. Therefore selected PET, HDPE and Film products are sold at auctions. Instead other products are sold according to sales orders stipulated between the same COREPLA and single Customers.

Who can take part in the auctions?

Auctions are reserved for companies accredited in the COREPLA Auction System. Validation can be requested, using the auction regulation form, attachment 1, only by Italian or EU recycling companies that have an authorized recycling plant in the EU zone. Therefore commercial companies and intermediaries cannot request validation.

How is validation granted?

Validation is the procedure by which COREPLA, after having visited the plant whenever the applicant wants for the duration of one day, verifies the technical, authoritative and documental requisites necessary for the same validation.

How much does validation cost?

Validation costs are sustained by the applicant, independently from the result of the verification. These costs are listed in the Auctions Regulation.

How often are auctions held?

Sales auctions of the Selected PET and HDPE products are held monthly. Auctions of the Selected FILM product are held every three months.

How are auctions carried out?

Auctions are carried out on-line on the dedicated platform To access this platform it is necessary to have the credentials issued to the accredited users.

How is the collection of the awarded lots planned and organised?

The transport of products purchased at the auctions is charged to the Customer. COREPLA organizes the immediate collection planning by issuing customers a “collection voucher”. Each voucher indicates the place of collection, consignee (Customer) and schedule (“not before” and “by”) to collect the product bought at the auction. Each “voucher” corresponds to one collection.


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